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Attorney Group Campbell & Smith Law, LLC, is a law firm located in Williamstown, Kentucky. Our firm consists of two attorneys, Matthew Smith and Soren Campbell. Although we offer services and representation in a number of practice areas, our practice is focused heavily on elder law.

Why We Do What We Do

We wanted to practice elder law because each of us recognized needs that were underserved in Kentucky. Prior to practicing law, Matthew Smith was a financial advisor focused on helping families with special needs. He also provided job training to individuals living with disabilities. He saw and experienced the bureaucracy that characterizes many government aid and entitlement programs.

Soren Campbell was and still is an anesthesiologist assistant. He has seen just how expensive and complicated medical care and long-term nursing care can be, and how unprepared many patients are for this reality.

In our previous careers, both of us observed the struggles of individuals, couples and families who were caught unprepared by the legal, financial and logistical issues associated with aging. We now proudly work to ensure that our clients are ready for whatever life may bring.

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What You Can Expect

Our office in Williamstown is a welcoming environment that combines the comforts of home with the formality of a legal practice. When discussing planning matters with individuals and families, we spend time in the conference room that looks and feels more like grandmother's living room. We want to facilitate trust and open communication between everyone involved.

When it comes time to sign important documents, we often move to our more formal conference room, which is a helpful reminder of the importance and weight of the legal decisions that have been made.

In both settings, we want to build relationships with clients and their families.

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Our firm offers comprehensive elder law services, including estate planning and probate. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about our firm, call us at 859-813-2026, or send us an email.

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