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Elder Law Is More Important Than Ever Before

Americans are living longer than at any previous time. But that longevity often comes with health issues, expensive medical care and other problems. Without a comprehensive plan for aging well, money runs out and family members take on unexpected caregiver responsibilities. It is stressful for everyone involved.

Thankfully, help is available. At Campbell & Smith Law, LLC, our practice is focused heavily on elder law. This area of law is concerned with the legal, financial, physical and mental challenges that come with aging. By taking the time to plan now, your family could be saving considerable money, time and stress in the future.

Attorneys Who Build Trust And Make You Feel At Home

It can be difficult (emotionally and logistically) to discuss topics such as long-term care, medical directives and incapacity planning. That's why we strive to make you and your family as comfortable as possible during the process. In addition to formal conference rooms, our office also has a more welcoming meeting space that feels like a living room.

Although we can be hired for individual services, we prefer to build long-term relationships and take a holistic approach to each client and each case. When you hire us, you can rest assured that no important topic will be overlooked or left unaddressed.

Affordable Service With No Surprises

One of our firm's goals is to save clients money — including money on legal fees. To that end, all of our elder law services and most of the other services we offer are billed on a flat-fee basis. You will know your expected costs up front, with no unwelcome surprises.

Working through the legal issues you are facing often requires time, patience and conversations with your lawyer. With so much to think about, you shouldn't also have to experience the stress and time pressure that come with hourly billing.

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Campbell & Smith Law, LLC, is located in Williamstown, and we serve clients throughout most of Kentucky. To discuss your legal needs with an experienced elder law attorney, call us at 859-813-2026, or send us an email.

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