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From Start-Up to Complex Litigation: Small Business Support from Campbell & Smith Law, LLC

Make a few Internet searches and it appears business formation is easy. Fill out a few forms, file them and now, you have a business. However, there are many entity forms available in Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio. Determining the one that works best for the industry and preferred method of operations requires skilled guidance for an informed decision.

Formation is only the first step. Contracts, financing agreements, and even real estate leases require attorney assistance. This is as true for small businesses as for large multi-nationals.

Consult with an attorney Campbell & Smith Law to give your small business idea a good start and ongoing support as its needs expand.

Make a Good Start: Entity Formation and State Filings

We can advise on the forms needed, taxation expected, and any bonds or insurance required by a particular field. Taking care of this in the first step prevents problems later. Lawyers at Campbell & Smith Law complete operating agreements and articles of incorporation correctly which streamlines registration.

Failure to make the appropriate state filings exposes new businesses to liability or places them in a position of operating illegally. Even this very form-based seemingly simple task can be quite crucial and deserves skilled legal attention.

Create Solid Contracts

Well-drafted contracts will make doing business easier. Unclear contracts are construed against the drafter meaning an inadequate agreement based on Internet forms and no legal experience can result in more legal expenses and headaches.

Vendor agreements, independent contractor agreement, office leases, and even purchase orders need the proper terms to be enforceable and ensure that no one goes into a business relationship in misunderstanding. This is not just protection from liability; it is also good business. Reputation in the community is always heightened with clear communication and fair dealing.

Having trouble agreeing on contract terms? Lawyers at Campbell & Smith Law can help by providing skilled negotiation to help come to an amenable agreement. We may also have ideas for other ideas not yet considered but can be fair to both parties.

Ready Advocates in Litigation

Contract negotiation and drafting is inevitable but unfortunately, so is litigation. Businesses may have to enforce contracts in court when coming to a mutually beneficial agreement is impossible. A customer or employee may slip and fall and sue for personal injuries. Landlords may attempt an illegal eviction. Often it is not a matter of if a business is sued but when.

After we help in the formation of your business, the drafting of its contracts, and keeping state filings updated, we are also available for those times when negotiation is not enough. We can represent your interests in the less formal forum of arbitration and settle the matter at a lower cost. But we are also available if court involvement becomes the only option.

Contact Campbell & Smith Law, LLC today to start the path towards business formation or to hire corporate counsel to take care of the transactional, negotiation, or litigation needs of your business. We protect your business assets and profitability by looking out for your legal interests.

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